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Echoes of Humanity:
Documenting the Global Impact on Animal Species and our World

This project seeks to shed light on the profound impact that human activities have on animal species across the world. Through a comprehensive and immersive exploration of the complex relationship between humans and wildlife, this project aims to increase awareness, foster empathy, and inspire positive change in how we interact with and protect our fellow inhabitants of the planet. 


Global Warning

Global Warning is inspired by the incredible climate change activist Greta Thunberg. Greta is a 19 year old Swedish activist who has given powerful speeches to some important people on this earth…and she is only 19 years old! The passion that she portrays in her speeches are hauntingly powerful, and I was very moved emotionally while watching them. I wrote this piece because of the lack of talk recently about climate change, and how it is still just as big of a problem as ever. Global Warning uses snippets of some of Greta’s best speeches to give a warning, and will hopefully get more people talking about this global problem again.

fighting for the horn

The music of "fighting for the horn" is both introspective and dynamic, juxtaposing moments of contemplation with energetic and driving passages. It captures the essence of the struggle that rhinos face in the modern world, navigating through adversity with resilience and determination.The music incorporates fragments of a profound speech delivered by renowned Rhino activist, Cho Haryoung. By intertwining the spoken word with the evocative sounds of the clarinet and electronics, the composition seeks to convey the urgency and gravity of the situation while inspiring a sense of hope and action.


elegy for the tusked giants

elegy for the tusked giants is a poignant composition for tuba and electronics, designed to commemorate the elephants we have lost and encourage introspection on our human impact upon them. Through the expressive voice of the tuba, intertwined with electronic elements, this composition serves as a heartfelt remembrance of these majestic creatures. It invites listeners to reflect on the profound influence humans have had on elephant populations across the world.Inspired by the speeches of Angelina Lue and Alex Leonard, the music carries a sense of introspection and responsibility. It encourages us to acknowledge our shared role in protecting these remarkable beings and their natural habitats.

and more coming soon...

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