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"Fighting for the Horn" is a piece for clarinet and electronics that aims to raise awareness about the pressing issue of declining rhino populations worldwide. This composition fuses the expressive power of the clarinet with the captivating soundscapes of electronic music, creating an emotionally charged and dynamically driven experience.


The music incorporates fragments of a profound speech delivered by renowned Rhino activist Cho Haryoung. By intertwining the spoken word with the evocative sounds of the clarinet and electronics, the composition seeks to convey the urgency and gravity of the situation while inspiring a sense of hope and action.


Through this piece, we endeavor to illuminate the profound impact humans have had on the rhino population , highlighting the threats they face and the imminent need for conservation efforts. As performers, we embrace the responsibility of being advocates for change and catalysts for raising awareness about the preservation of

these magnificent creatures.


The music of "Fighting for the Horn" is both introspective and dynamic, juxtaposing moments of contemplation with energetic and driving passages. It captures the essence of the struggle that rhinos face in the modern world, navigating through adversity with resilience and determination.

Together, through our music, let us strive to create a harmonious future where humans and rhinos can coexist, ensuring the preservation of these extraordinary creatures for generations to come.

fighting for the horn for clarinet and electronics

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