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"Elegy for the Tusked Giants" is a powerful and poignant composition that pays homage to the magnificent elephant species while shedding light on the profound impact of human activities upon them. This evocative piece, written for tuba and electronics, aims to capture the essence of the elephants' majestic presence and the melancholy surrounding their struggle for survival.


Throughout the composition, the tuba takes on multiple roles, representing not only the elephants themselves but also the voice of humanity—both remorseful and hopeful. It delivers soulful melodies that evoke a sense of longing and remembrance, reminding us of the immense loss incurred by the decline of elephant populations due to poaching, habitat destruction, and exploitation.


"Elegy for the Tusked Giants" serves as a musical testament to the indomitable spirit of elephants and a call to action for a more empathetic and sustainable relationship between humans and the natural world. It invites listeners to reflect upon the devastating consequences of our actions and encourages a collective effort to preserve these iconic creatures, ensuring that their presence remains eternally resonant on Earth's fragile symphony of life.


This piece is part of the project "Echoes of Humanity". 50% of all earnings from this piece will go directly towards a charity whose goal is to save these incredible species. 

elegy for the tusked giants for tuba and electronics

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