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Flutist and composer Christian Glascock is in his final year at Grand Valley State University. He is pursuing a degree in Flute Performance and has studied under renowned professors Christopher Kantner and Dr. Abigail Walsh.

Throughout his academic career Christian has demonstrated a passion for music and a dedication to excellence. He has performed with the GVSU Wind Symphony, GVSU Orchestra, and has been a member of the GVSU New Music Ensemble for the last 4 years. Christian is an avid performer of new music, and loves to explore the world of electronic soundscapes in his free time.

In addition to his passion for performing, Christian is also an accomplished composer with a particular interest in incorporating the medium of electronics into his compositions. His compositions, showcasing this innovative blend, will be featured in "Plugged In: Practice and Performance Method for Flutists," set to release in January 2024 from Conway Publications. His mentorship under Dr. Bill Ryan has significantly shaped his experimental and boundary-pushing approach in contemporary composition.

Christian's unique talents have led him on three National Park Tours with the New Music Ensemble, premiering pieces inspired by the parks. This includes his work "Reflection, Acceptance, Hope," which uniquely melds electronic elements, creating an immersive experience.

As a multifaceted artist, Christian strives to create music that resonates with a diverse audience, blending emotion and appeal. He is enthusiastic about advancing his musical journey in flute performance, composition, and the exploration of electronic experimentation.

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