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"Thicket" is a composition for flute quartet, inspired by the mesmerizing atmosphere of Redwood National Park. I wrote this piece during the summer of 2023 while I was on tour with the GVSU New Music Ensemble. I aimed to capture the essence of this natural wonder through the music. As I composed, I delved into the depths of the park's dense foliage, where towering giants reside. Through the evocative melodies and harmonies, "Thicket" transports the listener to the heart of the forest, conveying the sense of wonder and awe that I experienced. The music weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the intricate, almost mystical aura of the redwood thicket, ensuring that the memory of that profound feeling remains etched in the minds of those who hear it.

Instrumentation: 4 c flutes

Duration: ~5 mins

Thicket │Flute Quartet

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