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"Riding on the Waves of Time" is a captivating and meditative piece for flute and electronics from the album "In the Blink of an Eye", which explores the idea of "going with the flow" and embracing the ebb and flow of life. The composition begins with gentle and soothing electronic waves that set a peaceful and contemplative mood. The flute enters shortly after, playing a flowing and graceful melody that complements the electronic soundscape.


As the piece progresses, the flute and electronic elements intertwine, creating a seamless and harmonious blend of acoustic and electronic textures. The music ebbs and flows, rising and falling like waves on the ocean, as the flute and electronics take turns leading and supporting each other.


At times, the flute soars high above the electronic waves, while at other times, it dives deep into the sonic currents. The electronic sounds provide a backdrop of constantly shifting harmonies and timbres, creating a dreamy and immersive atmosphere.


"Riding on the Waves of Time" is a beautiful and evocative musical journey that encourages the listener to embrace the present moment and let go of their worries and fears, allowing themselves to be carried along by the flow of life.



Instrumentation: Flute and Electronics

Duration: 3:40

Riding on the Waves of Time (Live Version)-for Flute and Electronics

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