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"Return to Maple Meadows" is a heartfelt piano piece that captures the essence of homesickness and the longing for family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Composed in 2021, the piece reflects the composer's personal experience of being separated from their loved ones for a prolonged period. The piece's title evokes a sense of nostalgia and fondness for a place where the composer spent time with their family.


The piece's gentle, flowing melody conveys a sense of calm and tranquility, reflecting the composer's yearning for the familiar comforts of home. The repeating motifs throughout the piece evoke the cyclical nature of waiting and hoping for a return to normalcy. The somber, introspective passages also capture the sense of isolation and loneliness that many have experienced during the pandemic.


As the piece builds to a crescendo, the melody becomes more assertive, conveying the composer's determination to return home and embrace their loved ones. The final notes of the piece evoke a sense of closure and fulfillment, as the composer's long-awaited reunion with their family is finally realized.


Overall, "Return to Maple Meadows" is a poignant and emotive piano piece that captures the complex emotions and experiences of separation, longing, and reunion during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Instrumentation: Piano


Duration: ~8'

Return to Maple Meadows for solo piano

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