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Christian Glascock

Musician | Flute Player | Composer

Welcome to Christian Glascock's website!

I am thrilled to share my passion for music with you and to have you join me on this journey. As a composer, my goal is to create music that inspires and connects people, evoking emotions and sparking conversation.

I am excited to be at the beginning of a new chapter in my career, and I look forward to sharing my music with you. Whether you are a long-time fan or a new listener, I am grateful for your support and your interest in my work.

On this website, you will find information about my latest projects, upcoming performances, and music available for purchase. You can also listen to samples of my music and explore my portfolio.

I believe that music has the power to heal, to uplift, and to transform, and I am committed to using my gifts to make a positive impact in the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I invite you to explore my music and connect with me on social media.

- Christian

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